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Commission Schedule
Our commission schedule is simple and transparent.

Listed US Stocks & ETFs


as low as**

Canadian Stocks


as low as**

PennTrade fee schedule.

Account Minimum $1,500 per account
Listed US Stocks & EFT's $19.95 per trade
**(if completed in one trading day)
OTCBB & Pink Sheet Stocks $34.95 per trade
**(if completed in one trading day)
Canadian Stocks $34.95 per trade
**(if completed in one trading day)
Mutual Funds Broker-assisted rate
Broker-Assisted Contact a Broker at (208) 415-1932
Manually Cleared Trade (aka ex-clearing) $75.00 added to commission
**disclosed prior to placing order
Statements & Confirmations
Trade Confirmations Free online confirmations
$1.25 per paper confirmation
Account Statements Free online statements
$1.25 per paper statement
Account Activity
Inactivity Fee (less than 2 trades per year) $50.00 per account per year
Research Fee $20.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)
Trade Extension $15.00 per extension
IRA Closing $120.00 per event
IRA Annual Account Fee $35.00 per year
IRA Account Setup Free
Payments & Transfers
Wire Incoming Free
Wire Outgoing $25.00 per wire transfer
Wire International $75.00 per wire transfer
Overnight Check $25.00 per check
Stop Payment $25.00 per payment
Bounced or Returned Check $50.00 per check
Account Transfer Out $75.00 per event
Account Transfer Out (Partial) $25.00 per transfer
DRS Transfer Fee (in or out) $25.00 per transfer
Transfer & Ship - Non DRS Varies

PennTrade assesses an activity assessment fee on all sell transactions as required by Section 31 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The rate for 2016 is $21.80 per million dollars. This rate is adjusted annually by the SEC and posted on its website.

**If a stock transaction cannot be cleared electronically Paulson is assessed a $75.00 manual clearing fee which is passed through to the client. The manual clearing fee is rare and only occurs in specific instances with specific symbols. Clients are notified on PennTrade, prior to placing a trade, that they will incur the $75.00 fee. After learning of the added fee, clients then have a choice to proceed or not with the trade.

Low $1,500 Minimum Deposit
Only $1,500 equity is required to open your PennTrade account. This initial deposit can be met with cash, equivalent securities or any combination of the two.

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