Dear valued client,

As of June 3, 2019 Paulson Investment Company, LLC's clearing relationship with RBC Correspondent Services will be terminated. Paulson's Idaho office and brokers including the Penntrade platform will be moving to another broker dealer Glendale Securities where it is intended all Penntrade accounts will be transferred to. We will be reaching out to you with further information on the transfer process and timing in the near future. At this time If you immediately wish to ACAT your account to Glendale or another firm of your choosing, please establish an account at your new firm and they will facilitate an ACAT transfer of the assets in your RBC account to your new account. You can get into contact with Glendale about establishing a new account or with any questions about the upcoming transfer directly by calling John Worrell at 208-415-1932 or by emailing him at

After the termination date, all accounts still remaining at RBC will be entered into liquidation only mode meaning no new purchasing transactions can be conducted and any actions needed for your accounts remaining at RBC would need to be directed by you directly to RBC rather than through Paulson. You will still be able to view positions from the Penntrade site, but no account transactions will be able to be conducted from the site.

Cash Distribution, and Securities Sales: